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Eutelsat Konnect

The need for Internet in South Africa is greater now than ever before. While most areas are covered by tried and tested terrestrial network methods, there are some areas where fast and reliable connectivity is needed but access is limited. Enter Eutelsat Satellite Konnect, which delivers high-speed Internet, independent of conventional cabling, across the country.

A fast, Always-On Internet access service delivered via Satellite, you’re always “Konnected” with Vox and Eutelsat.

  • Vox Satellite supplies affordable Broadband connectivity to millions across the country.
  • Perfect for homes, businesses which require reliable high-speed connectivity.
  • Ideal for areas where conventional alternatives are unavailable.
  • No dependency on cables means no waiting for installation or delays due to theft.
  • Operates on 128 Beams and covers all of South Africa.

Anyone can access lightning-quick Internet of up to 50Mbps via Satellite – all you have do is ask us how.

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