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Fibre Internet Witkoppen powered by VOX


Fast and easy sign up       


Hi Witkoppen fibre internet users

Fibre powered by VOX provide uncapped with no Fair Use Police Internet in Witkoppen


Sign Up or check availability in your area in Witkoppen by clicking the button             

  • Free Installation
  • Free MikroTik Wi-Fi Router
  • Uncapped Fibre in Witkoppen
  • No Fair Use Policy on your Fibre Internet in Witkoppen
  • National Support for Witkoppen
  • 24/7 Call Centre 087 805 911
  • Vox is a leading Telecommunication and Internet provider in South Africa

          T&C's Apply

OS Vox is a Vox Agency since 1996 then known as @lantic Internet. We give support to all our clients without the need you contact call centers. We will take care of all connectivity and IT issues for all our clients in South Africa.

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