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Fixed LTE-A (MTN)

Vox Fixed LTE-A (powered by MTN) wireless internet gets you connected to Fibre-like speeds without waiting for a fixed-line to be installed. Hassle-free install, no wait! It’s plug and play!

Why Vox Fixed LTE-A?

  • Fixed LTE-A provides Fibre-like speeds.
  • It’s a great alternative to fixed-line connectivity.
  • Use your data 24/7.
  • Data packages are available to meet all your entertainment requirements, from streaming to gaming.
  • Available in three options: Purchase Router and SIM or opt for Router and SIM rental or, if you have an MTN approved router, get the SIM only.

Find out if you have Vox LTE-A coverage in your area and buy online below – it’s that easy.

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