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Office Solution Recovery Vault Xpress Online secure data backup.

Backing Up
Backup is a thankless job and is often associated with high failure rate. Few IT pros acknowledge any knowledge or experience to back up servers and rarely volunteer for the job.
Focus on Recovery
Backing up data is a means to an end. Data protection focus should be on both recovery and backup.


More than just Server Backups

Share our two decades of experience and data stewardship best practise. Hosted Backup ensures restorability of data whether you lose a file, disk, machine or the entire facility.

Pay for Less Storage
With Data De-duplication, Compression & encryption. Archiving of old data to cheaper storage.


Holistic Solution
Address every hosted backup Scenario with Continuous Data Protection, Local and offsite backup, Laptop protection and support for heterogeneous environments.

Hosted Backup is Efficient

Hosted Backup is a holistic solution that encompasses traditional and innovative technologies in a common platform, protecting for recovery and backup of servers, laptops and data centres.


Turnkey Software
Eliminate the need to manage multiple point solutions, a single turnkey software to install, manage and upgrade, eliminating the need to manage numerous hosted backup solutions.


Stay Ahead
Automatic upgrades there is no time-consuming pushing of agents or updates out to thousands of remote-sites, servers and applications.



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