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YahClick | Yahsat Satellite Broadband Internet

 YahClick Satellite Broadband Internet

This technology maximises spectral efficiency through frequency re-use. While this sounds rather technical, it means that Yahsat can provide high power, concentrated beams targeted over specific areas with high market potential. The ability to re-use frequencies in different locations enables greater efficiency in the use of the frequency spectrum, a scarce and finite natural resource. The stronger satellite signals require smaller dish sizes and ultimately bring down costs to subscribers. Vox Telecom is the South African service partner and will be offering a variety of YahClick Service plans and value added products.


YahClick Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Installation

The average duration of an installation is 3 hours, which includes the mounting of brackets, pointing of the Transmitter, cabling and connection to the customer's computer of network. The installation price includes the installation of the CPE, but does not include travel and accommodation to places outside of the installer's area of influence.

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