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300x600 DPI, Platen Cover, incl cabinet

Duplo DP-U550 Explained

The DP-U550 and DP-U850 are Duplo's high-end digital duplicators. The feature packed DP-U series allow the operator to fine tune jobs with ease. Features such as Image edit mode, Book shadow erasure and Print preview are all easy to access on the touch screen control panel. Operators can now produce shortcuts on the home screen should they wish to find features even more quickly. Less down-time and high production are the main advantages of the DP-U series, its 150ppm (A4) feeder and 1,200 (80 gsm) paper capacity ensure that deadlines can easily be met.

     DP-U550 -300x600 dpi High Definition imaging
    1,200 sheet high capacity feeder
    150 A4 pages a minute printing
    45-210gsm paper range
    Choice of image modes
    Optional Flash USB Drive
    9 job memories
    12 optional colours
    Custom multiple exposure
    Low environmental impact  

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