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600x600 DPI, Platen Cover, incl cabinet

Duplo DP-S850 Digital Printing System available from Office Solution South Africa

Duplo DP-S850 Digital Duplicator

With a top speed of up to 150 ppm, 11"x17" scanning area, and unique 1,280-sheet feed/receive capacity, the 600x600 dpi
DP-S850 digital duplicator will produce job after job in the most demanding environments.

With a smaller footprint and debuting new masters and ink for superior image quality, Duplo DP-S850 has been designed
and engineered to be faster, easier to use and less expensive to operate. Continuous innovation is why Duplo remains the
choice of government agencies, educational institutions, religious organizations, quick and in-plant print shops, and now
many more industries.

The DP-S850 also has a touch panel LCD, 600 x 600 dpi resolution, 11" x 17" scanning area, 14 standard colors, unlimited
custom colors, zooms up to 500% and handles paper stocks up to 110 lb. index. The DP-S850 is extremely network friendly.
The unique integrated computer interface is standard with USB and offers an optional bi-directional parallel port
connection for network capabilities.


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