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What is ADSL Uncapped Bolt-On?


Uncapped ADSL after hours and weekends for R59-00pm

ADSL Uncapped Bolt-On,

is as the name would state an Add-On Uncapped ADSL service to any existing Lite unshaped 25Gig Capped ADSL service which offers customers Uncapped access from 6 pm to 6 am daily and open all day over weekends (excludes public holidays). In other words, any customer with an existing 25 gig Capped ADSL product can now get the ADSL Uncapped ADSL Bolt-On for only R59 per month extra to their existing subscription. In other words an ADSL Customer paying R89 pm for 25GB data, will now get this Uncapped Option and the usage towards the 25GB will only come off on Peak usage.

Who is it for?

ADSL Uncapped Bolt-On is ideal for anyone who wishes to do a little night surfing, gaming, video streaming or simply just do some file downloads without being worried about running out of data on your cap.

Key Features

  • High quality bandwidth
  • Automatic cutover at 6pm to Uncapped and back again at 6am
  • Not dependent on line size (i.e. line speed not applicable)
  • Only available to 25 Gig unshaped Capped ADSL customers
  • Save money on Top-Ups
  • Video and audio streaming possible
  • Month 2 Month Contract
Specfications ADSL Uncapped Bolt-On
Data Bundle Unlimited Data
Contract Period Month 2 Month
Office Hours
(6h00 - 18h00)
Shaped After Hours
(18h00 - 6h00)
 (excluding public holidays)
Weekends Friday 18h00 - Monday 6h00
Requirements Exisiting ADSL Account & Line
Access Local & International
Setup Fee R50.00 once-off
Price R59.00p/m


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