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Portable Interactive Whiteboard FEPIWB27-- Portable System

The FEPIW27 interactive whiteboard supports a simple and easy installation.
The FEPIWB27 portable interactive whiteboard keeps the user investment and maintenance costs down to a minimum.
The FEPIWB27 portable interactive whiteboard system transforms any standard dry wipe whiteboard, flat surface or wall
into an interactive whiteboard. A true plug and play solution easy to install !

The FEPIWB27 portable intsractive whiteboard makes excellent operating precision and nearly perfect writing track. It is designed to transform superb agility and reliability in interactive writing on any type of projection area. The software can record every pen stroke you write and edit on your white board, so you will not lose any information edited. Easily and securely transmit your intaractive whiteboard notes over the internet in realtime to anyone.

The FEPIWB27 portable interactive whiteboard Specifications?

  •         Working Principle: Infrared image processing position calibraton tracking
  • Transmission Interface: USB
  •         Active Area: Up to a maximum of 150 inch
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3,16:9
  •         Applied To: Any material including soft screen and white wall flat surface
  • Power Consumption: 1watt        
  •         Communation Distance: 8m USB standard cable (Supporting 20m)
  • Resolution: 5000×4000
  •         Response Time: 25ms(it depending on pc used)
  • Battery type Required: 2 X AAA batteries
  •         E-pen Light Emitted: Infrared
  • Drop resistant pen (2 metre)        
  •         Supports OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux
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