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Toshiba eStudio 2508A

eSTUDIO 2508A, 3008A, 3508A, 4508A

The new Toshiba e-STUDIO 4508A series is designed to put a fast, efficient, secure MFP in the hands of small and medium business workgroups. Not only it is high volume, it also produces high-quality prints and copies. 


eStudio 2508A with drum, developer and toner
MR4000 Dual Scan Document Feeder
MH5000 Desk
GM2280 Print/Scan Enabler
MJ1109 Console Finisher for e2508/3008/3508/4508A
MJ1110 Saddle Stitch Finisher for e2508/3008/3508/4508A
MJ1042 Inner Finisher for e2508/3008/3508/4508A
Bridge Kit
KN5005 Bridge kit for MJ1109/MJ1110
Hole Punch Kit
MJ6105E 2-Hole Punch to be used with MJ1109/MJ1110
MJ6105F 4-Hole Punch to be used with MJ1109/MJ1110
MJ6011E 2-Hole Punch to be used with MJ1042
MJ6011F 4-Hole Punch to be used with MJ1042
Job Separator
MJ5014 Job separator for e2508/3008A
Job Separator
MJ5015 Job separator for e3508/4508A
Large Capacity Feeder
KD1059  Large capacity feeder for e2508/3008/3508/4508A
Paper Feed Pedestal (3rd tray)
KD1058 Paper feed pedestal for e2508/3008/3508/4508A
Drawer Module (4th tray)
MY1048 Drawer module for e2508/3008/3508/4508A
Fax Connectivity
GD1370 Fax board for e2508/3008/3508/4508A
Wireless Access Point
DAP-2310 Wireless access point
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