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Do I need a voice line/number from Openserve?

Yes. The ADSL service requires that you already have, or install, a phone (analogue/copper) line. Once the phone line is installed, We activates the separate ADSL service on this phone line at an additional cost per month. WE WILL ASSIST WITH THE APPLICATION IF NO ADSL IS INSTALLED.

Can I use my Fat Pipe data on any ADSL line speed?

Yes. Fat Pipe data is not affected by your line speed at all.

Does the midnight to 6 a.m. uncapped use affect my Fat Pipe data cap?

No. Free uncapped surfing is just that – FREE! It does not get subtracted from your Fat Pipe data cap at all.

Is there a limit to the amount of unused Fat Pipe data I can accumulate?

Yes. The maximum limit of unused (roll over) data is equal to six times your current monthly cap.

What does this roll-over limit really mean?

Assuming you didn’t use a single megabyte of data, for six consecutive months, all the data for those six months would accumulate and be available to you to use.

Data Bundles Cost per month (VAT incl.)  
Fat Pipe 100GB R79  
Fat Pipe 200GB R159  
Fat Pipe 300GB R259  
Fat Pipe 400GB R299  
Fat Pipe 500GB R399  
Fat Pipe 600GB R499  
Fat Pipe 800GB R649  
Fat Pipe 1000GB R799

You need:

Telkom line and ADSL line. ADSL Router.

We need:

Certified ID Copy,

Proof of residence,

Banking Details.



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