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Toshiba E-Studio 8518A

The Toshiba eStudio 8518A is available to buy at OfficeSolution South Africa

Toshiba eStudio 8518A is a Black & White Multifunction Printer
Up to 85 PPM
Large Workgroup
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
Secure MFP
Customizable UI

Industry-leading technology makes the impossible, possible

Modern business workflows are now possible thanks to the flexibility of mobile and cloud printing on this A3 monochrome device.

Providing an extensive range of software and hardware options to match your individual requirements.
Bigger and better than ever, the tablet-style touch screen is the gateway to any business document workflow.
Efficiency is ensured with a print speed of up to 65 ppm.

Base Price include:

e Studio 8518A with drum and developer
T6518 toner
MJ1111 Staple Finisher for DP6518/8518A
MJ1112 Saddle Stitch Finisher for DP6518/8518A
Exit Tray
KA6551 Side exit tray (to be ordered if finisher not installed)
Hole Punch Unit
MJ6106E 2-Hole punch unit for MJ1111/MJ1112
MJ6106F 4-Hole punch unit for MJ1111/MJ1112
Large Capacity Feeder
MP2502 Large capacity feeder for DP6518/8518A
Fax Boards
GD1370 Fax board for DP6518/8518A
Wireless Access Point
W1 Netis  wireless access point for network machines
E-suite 1 year license 
Card Readers
USB CARD READER Card reader for use in all models
CARD Access card
WiFi Direct - Wireless Bluetooth
GN4020 Wireless LAN Module for use in all models
GS1080 Embedded OCR Enabler - 1 License for use in all models
GS1085 Embedded OCR Enabler - 5 Licenses for use in all models
Multi Station Print Enabler
GS1090 Multi Station Print Enabler - 1 License for use in all models
GS1095 Multi Station Print Enabler - 5 Licenses for use in all models
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