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Toshiba eStudio FC3015AC

e-STUDIO 3015/3515/5015AC


Toshiba’s A3 colour systems impress with an outstanding document output at a speed of up to 50 pages per minute
Enhance your efficiency with tailor-made workflows, easily accessible via the fully customisable user interface


Toshiba e Studio FC3515AC

All models easily integrate into modern business environments and support cloud and mobile printing

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Technology for every office, delivering advanced functionality, ease of use and peace of mind.
Toshiba has designed the e-STUDIO5015ac series to ensure utmost user experience. Via the 26 cm (10.1”), tablet-style multi-touch screen, which is fully customisable, the sytems are intuitive to use and increase your productivity and efficiency
Complicated multi-step processes can be turned into one-touch functions and will help streamline your document workflows.

Base Price Include:

e Studio FC3515AC with drum, toner and developer
MR4000 dual scan document feeder
MH5000 desk
TFC415C cyan toner - long life
TFC415K black toner - long life
TFC415M magenta toner - long life
TFC415Y yellow toner - long life
MJ1109 Console Finisher for e2518/3018/4518A/3508LP/4508LP
MJ1110 Saddle Stitch Finisher for e2518/3018/4518A/3508LP/4508LP
MJ1042 Inner Finisher for e2518/3018/4518A/3508LP/4508LP
KN5005 Bridge kit for MJ1109/MJ1110
Hole Punch Kit
MJ6105E 2-Hole Punch to be used with MJ1109/MJ1110
MJ6105F 4-Hole Punch to be used with MJ1109/MJ1110
MJ6011E 2-Hole Punch to be used with MJ1042
MJ6011F 4-Hole Punch to be used with MJ1042
Job Separator
MJ5014 Job separator for e2518/3018A
Job Separator
MJ5015 Job separator for e4518A/3508LP/4508LP
Large Capacity Feeder
KD1059  Large capacity feeder for e2518/3018/4518A/3508LP/4508LP
Paper Feed Pedestal (3rd tray)
KD1058 Paper feed pedestal for e2518/3018/4518A/3508LP/4508LP
Drawer Module (4th tray)
MY1048 Drawer module for e2518/3018/4518A/3508LP/4508LP
Fax Connectivity
GD1370 Fax board for e2518/3018/3508/4508A
Wireless Access Point
W1 Netis wireless access point for network machines
E-suite 1 year license 
Card Readers
GR1310 USB Hub Option
USB CARD READER Card reader for use in all models
CARD Access card
WiFi Direct - Wireless Bluetooth
GN4020 Wireless LAN Module for use in all models
GS1080 Embedded OCR Enabler - 1 License for use in all models
GS1085 Embedded OCR Enabler - 5 Licenses for use in all models
Multi Station Print Enabler
GS1090 Multi Station Print Enabler - 1 License for use in all models
GS1095 Multi Station Print Enabler - 5 Licenses for use in all models



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