Website, effective search ranking  and internet marketing services all in one. Search engine optimization (SEO)

OSweb's focus is to help small to medium enterprises market their businesses effectively, distribute their products intact and on time to customers and collect and distribute payments seamlessly. It achieves this by tapping into mobile telephone and
Internet technologies. With more than 4.4-billion cell phone users and over 4 billion websites, it allows an entrepreneur to create a presence in today's dynamic and vibrant global marketplace with very little capital investment. Office solution Web
is a key player in this area because it has both the technological backbone and human skills available to deliver a superior website designing product.

Almost every business needs a 'shopfront' and the internet has enabled businesses to create virtual 'shopfronts' that are open 24/7. However, for the small businessman, the creation, maintenance, and operation of a website has, until now, required special training or the use of costly outside specialists. With OSWeb, these tasks couldn't be easier or more intuitive requiring nothing more than simplest 'cut and paste' tool to create a virtual shop front that will allow for the immediate creation of a marketing campaign to drive sales.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - the process of improving the visibility of a website in Search Engines.

This includes:

  • > Editing content and HTML + CSS
  • > Increasing relevance to KEYWORDS
  • > Removing barriers to indexing activities of Search Engines
  • > Promoting the site to increase the number of back-links

There's no such thing as a quick SEO fix. Search Engine Optimisation can't be a once-off effort. SEO needs to be an ongoing strategy that builds up its effects and improves your site over time.With so many companies online now and competing for placement in the search engine results, it's become more important than ever before for an effective search engine optimisation strategy.

OSweb's goal is to ensure high reasonable rankings in Google search results for keyword phrases that are most relevant to your target market, get you more relevant visitors to your website and change them into paying customers. We guarantee realistic, honest internet marketing services that achieve results for you!

You found us this means our webdesigning sofware works with google seo.

Office Solution offers the best website design software for the best price, guaranteed!

  We can design a powefull website with unlimited pages for only R2,500 once of or arrangements can be made, and the website will be designed in front of your eyes, today, anywhere in South Africa. You will be in total control of your own website's design as we have developed the World's Easiest Website Design Software.

There is no catch, so why is it so cheap?

This website design software is not the world’s first design software, but we made sure it is the easiest! Because our web design system is so user friendly, we can use normal people to develop your website. No longer do you have to pay a highly skilled developer to design or update your website. We talk your language!

Monthly cost is between R59 and R150 (+VAT) per month AND you get a complete design tool to manage your own website. Your personal website designer is always a phone call away if you need help.

Our website design software is server based and has many intelligent features that are activated at a click of a button, ensuring that your website always adheres to the latest website design standards. Our design templates are easy to understand and will ensure that your website has a unique and professional look.


Design and create your own website using our website builder. Whether if you need a personal website or one for your business, we have the perfect solution for you, The Easiest Way to Create Professional Quality Web Sites ... Guaranteed!
When we released Kwikwap we really didn’t expect it to be the massive hit that it became - not in our wildest dreams.

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